9th Annual Kingston Sinterklaas

The ninth annual Kingston Sinterklaas is scheduled for Saturday, November 30th from 12 to 6pm along lower Broadway in the Kingston Waterfront district. The event takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving and the kick-off to Kingston’s holiday season. 

Kingston Sinterklaas organizers are planning its wildly popular Children’s Maritime Parade including its famous puppets, stars, Rip Van Winkle and Sinterklaas himself, as well as many other activities including the Crowns & Branches Children’s Workshop, Tree Lighting Ceremony, live entertainment, and numerous business open houses. The event creates a magical atmosphere for all and is a wonderful family event for everyone to enjoy.  The event is free and open to the public and occurs on the same day as Small Business Saturday.

The Kingston Sinterklaas event is an all-volunteer event funded by donations and sponsorships and fundraising activities. To learn more about the event visit www.sinterklasshudsonvalley.com. For more information, contact Raleigh Green at 845-481-4550 or raleigh@raleighgreeninc.com